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Planning to relocate a tree from one place to another? Count on Tree Relocators Inc to lift out trees from the soil with tree spades without damaging the roots, and transplant it at the new site.

Rely on us for saguaro transplantation, tree boxing, and palm tree relocation. You can depend on us for tree sales as well. We have a variety of matured trees and plants ranging from desert cacti to palm trees.

We are a family owned business providing reliable tree relocating services since 1989. Take advantage of the FREE estimates on all our services. Call us at 480-947-6118 to schedule an appointment for our services.



Family owned and operated since 1989


We offer this service to tag and log each plant and determine its status and salvageability. We use interlocking, weather resistant, labeled tags on each tree, plant, & cacti that is requiring identification. Each tag is color coded:   Red - Salvage   /    Blue - Unsalvageable    /     White - Remain in Place. Then we create an itemized list or inventory of the existing plant life on the project. Approved in all cities to perform Native Plant / Mature Plant Inventory                  

Tree Spade 1 Native Plant Inventory Plan

24” x 36”  Native Plant Inventory Plan created in  CAD

Tree Spade 3