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Saguaro transplanting

Efficient saguaro transplantation services

Want to add saguaro cactus to your landscape? Count on Tree Relocators Inc to relocate and transplant saguaro cactus without any damage. We can transport cacti of all sizes ranging from small spears to large multi armed saguaros

Rely on our expertise and experience to move your cactus plants from one place to another with complete care. You'll be happy to learn that we provide craning options for difficult locations.

Complete saguaro relocation services

We can move your large cactus successfully with our hydraulically operated machines that are designed to transport large cactus. We also provide saguaro straightening , bracing , treatments and removal of diseased, dehydrated, dying, dangerous, or

unwanted plants.

Wide range of tree relocation services

In addition to saguaro transplantation and transportation, you can rely on us for tree spading, boxing, palm tree relocation, and tree sales.

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Reliable saguaro relocation

Arm Bracing