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Tree spading

Complete tree spading services

Do you need tree spading services? Rely on Tree Relocators Inc to move and transplant large plants. Whether you need to transplant trees for new construction, new building addition or you want to change the design of the landscape, we're here to help! We have the largest tree spade in Arizona- 96" in size.

Want to get rid of old, overgrown, dying , unsightly or small trees? Want to get rid of large bushes? Hire our professionals to remove these trees from your property without damage.

Tree transplantation with spades

A highly sucessful method used in transplanting trees and plants of all sizes. We use a 96" Tree Spade which is the largest available in the industry. It is a hydraulically operated machine that is designed specifically for moving large trees.

Other tree relocation services

Count on us for saguaro transplanting, boxing, palm tree relocating, and tree sales.


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Remove trees from your property without damage

Dying Saguaro